Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South Park Trail Ride!

South Park! Wide open Spaces, out where the Deer and the Antelope are Roamin! Along with the Buffalo, Foxes, Badgers, Coyotes and many more crittes than I can count!

We took off late Labor Day, having a little indecision over where to go. Sandy, my associate Broker here at http://www.goldcountryco.com/ and myself, her better half Mike and the horses hauled over Wilkerson Pass into the wide expanse of territory known as South Park!

Ed Rosencrantz and his wife Doris have lived here for many a year. Ed grew up out on this range, and led the ride across country and up and down every hill possible here in what us mountain folk usually term the "flats". I was surprised at the beauty, its wide open and spacious, but terrific for riding gaited horses and moving out, up, around and down! Big Big views from just about everywhere of 11 Mile Reservoir, the South Platte River Basin, Buffalo Peaks, the Collegiate Range and the Continental Divide.

Surround Sound mountains, thats what I call it!

Sandy & Mike crest a hill top on one of our mountain climbs!

Ok, this is a view of 11 Mile Reservoir from this hilltop....this is looking South East-ish from horseback, close to the Wildhorn Road as they call it, a major N/S dirt road for this country.

Here are more of Majors ears, trying to catch a shot of riders going over this hill. You probly have not met Major yet. He is my wild child, a monster of a horse with a BIG motor and a kind heart, but a little group challenged at times. He's coming along with some work; I will get better photos once I work that grass belly off him. He looks like he is ready to foal. NOT! haha ha ha ha

Mike, my friend, called him a whale, but actually lifted up a stirrup looking for a door! Poor Major. You will understand once you see a shot of him. That will come in a future blog I will do just for Major, the Monster Horse!

Group shot, don't ask me to name all these folks cause I just met most of them, but heres a try: George all duded up in his cowboy finery, Emily on the left on her little grey appy/arab, thats Danita facing right with the cowboy hat on her quarter horse filly that kicked out at Major. He deserved it, he intimidates a lot of horses cause he has ATTITIDE!

And here is a shot of ED on his painted gaited horse. He packs when he rides at all times so you don't mess with Ed. Ha ha ha

he is a big softie!

Another group shot, Eds daughter and grandaughter who just started at UCCS and they are all good horsemen and women, the son in law is in the red hat on the left.
After the ride I was pretty tuckered out! Everyone brought some meat and a side dish to share, so we laid out the buffett and sat around on Ed & Doris's patio and got to visit. Ed shared his stories of his experiences on the ranch, he used to sell Real Estate back in the old days out here. They live here in the Summer and high tail it to Arizona for the Winter, which sounds great, I would love to do that sometime! But for now, I am happy to just visit in the open expanse that is known as South Park and share the laughter of old friends!
I hope you enjoy these pics. I actually sell real estate out here sometimes. There is a big issue with Uranium mining coming in, this is not far from Hartsel, probably 10 minutes or so. I get properties up and down the Hwy 9 corridor on occasion to sell, its really beautiful. And you know what? I was really pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this area, and can see why anyone would live here....if you love remote, open, quiet and peaceful....this would be a great place to stake out your home! Call me for more info, and leave a comment if you like my short little blog here! Don't ask me if the wind blows though, cause it does! For sure!

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