Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soap Creek Ride

September 10, 2009.

Soap Creek. Finally, I get to go! Yay! So I headed West of Gunnison about 25 miles and turned toward Crawford, Colorado on Hwy 92 then off onto some road seven hundred and something and drove about 10 miles into some absolutely breathtaking National Forest and our campsite!

Soap Creek is a substantial creek, prone to flooding, but the camping area is level and there are corrals and plenty of area to picket a horse. Fire pits are available, as well as horse feeders. Great for camping with your horses! Plenty of water, good water crossings and the trails...well, you best have a guide!

We rode several types of terrain, sagebrush country, scrub oak, aspen and pine forests. We climbed rocks up and down and followed stream beds and searched out old trails. Here is Terry Schuyler on Major looking backwards on a bit of a hairy piece of trail, she is taking a photo also!

To the right is Dale Pace with Rebel and Pat Montgomery with Tillie fixing something, overlooking part of the Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Window Rock on the Zambezi Death March, beautiful but treacherous!

Spectacular sights all around...hoodoos and pillaried rock formations, decomposed ash from an ancient volcano!

Left is where we usually stopped and probably took a thousand photos. The trail forks here....and be careful which direction you choose! One is easy, the other, steep and challenging going up. A loop could also be made, which we did down Cow Creek! Stunning!

To the right is the right fork of the photo above. The leaves turned progressively day by day, and each day brought new and beautiful sights!

Great old fashioned water tank made of a hollowed log, I was fascinated and took several photos!

Another watering trough photo!

This is a cross set up a couple of years ago in memoriam of a young man that died. We don't know the entire story, but its at the top of the world with forever views, with a plaque and a marble stone.

Pinecones. Ok. Boreing. You hadda be there!

Looking down at the Elk Creek drainage.

Here we are at the campsite with Rex, awesome climber and saddle pal. He deserves a big bowl of oats for packing me through all of this and keeping me on the top side!~

If you want to know more about this trip, you are welcome to contact me, plus, for ALL of the photos of this trip hit this link:

Carrie N Miller

Gold Country Realty

Cripple Creek, Colorado




Unknown said...

Great scenery. Glad to see you're living your dream. My daughter, Morgann had a horse here for a while, but I bought quads, and that was when the horse became a pet. We felt sorry for her (the horse not Morgann, l'il spoiled bratnik), and sold her to some friends with younger girls. They still have her, and she gits "rid".

tralrdr said...

Hay thanks for looking! That was a fun trip! Looks like you get around some too!